NUJ Recruitment Campaign

Requirement: Members’ Recruitment Campaign

The challenge

As a trade union, the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) is in a unique position to bring journalists together and to press for progressive change. They aim to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to realise their potential, free from barriers, prejudice, and discrimination.

However, a general sense that the value and importance of being in a union has become lost over the years, especially with younger generations.

The solution

We designed a campaign of posters, flyers and adverts to highlight the union’s key services and the advantages for journalists of joining and belonging.

We developed a modern, visual and striking infographic type-only approach for impact and intrigue, enhanced by a bright colour palette to aid stand-out in busy workplace areas, on noticeboards and at student events.

The campaign was followed through with newly-designed, personalised membership packs and membership cards that worked in conjunction with the NUJ’s overarching tagline ‘You’re in Good Company’. These created a warm sense of welcome and a feeling of belonging. Membership cards were colour-coded to reflect membership status and conveyed a sleek, modern feel as a card that members would feel proud to carry and show.