A set of infographics for a brand loyalty outreach campaign.

Requirement: Infographics


The challenge

HSBC needed ‘an exceptional infographic’ to display their latest research on various types of credit cards. With so many types of credit cards on the market, customers can get easily confused as to the best one for their needs. HSBC had researched seven major types of credit card each targeted at different user requirements. Four infographics were required in an overarching idea, sharing a consistent tone and design, aimed at 25 - 45 year olds consisting of all social classes, genders and cultures. On a creative level, the infographics needed to present information in an engaging and original way. On a practical level, the client wanted the information to be clear, useful and legible at any scale (desktop, tablet or mobile) and easily shareable on third party sites and social media. Above all, the infographics had to inform and help rather than persuade and sell as the key is to build trust and therefore long-term brand loyalty.

The solution

We developed a simple yet striking and easy-to-understand guide that explains how credit cards work and what the different financial terms mean, and that also provides advice on how to finance a car purchase or pay for a wedding. A visual approach such as an infographic can convey messages fast and present complicated subjects in an instant for immediate ‘wow’ factor, as well as go viral easily. We developed a campaignable format that works flexibly as a modular grid, so that the infographics can be viewed together or separately – and be future-proof. Peter Grundy, an illustrator who specialises in information design, was appointed to create a bold visual look that could work with varying types and lengths of information, and be modestly but identifiably branded with the HSBC logo.