We design and print literature with the perfect balance of information and presentation.

Print design is not dead!

Literature is an important tangible asset within your brand portfolio: a well-designed and written brochure or leaflet with eye-catching photography or illustration is both memorable and hard to put down. 

At surgerycreations, we design and print literature with the perfect balance of information and presentation.

What are the most popular types of print solutions?

Print comes in many forms, including direct mail (Google, the #1 technology company on the planet, spends millions of dollars a year alone on direct mail!), brochures and fliers, sales materials such as fact sheets and catalogues, print ads, and even stationery and business cards. Signage is also an important aspect of print marketing. 

No matter the format, print is a tangible item that can work alone in communicating your product or service, and add authenticity and trust for impact.

Print or digital: which is better for marketing communications?

Each channel has strength in its own right but can combine to help your campaign go even further. By combining your digital campaigns with print in unique and engaging ways, you’ll be able to amplify your marketing efforts and see better results.

A print and digital campaign allows for additional touchpoints in the customer journey, helping to add variety, boost brand awareness and improve engagement. Print is also a brilliant method to drive traffic to your digital channels. 

Print design services we offer:

  • Corporate Brochures & Magazines
  • Annual Reports / Accounts & Reviews
  • Brochure Design
  • Booklet Design
  • Exhibition Panels / Banners
  • Leaflets & Flyers

How to make your campaign even more effective

A brand message that is consistent across all channels builds recognition and inspires trust. Consider the following to ensure that you are getting the most from your budget.


One way to effectively combine print and digital is to use printed materials to direct consumers to your social channels. Include your social media handles on all printed marketing collateral, so customers and leads know where to find you online.


It can also work the other way – social media can bolster the effectiveness of your print campaigns. Social channels offer a wealth of consumer data beyond basic demographics, such as likes and interests, that you can use to create highly-targeted print materials or direct mail campaigns.


Offering a giveaway? Advertise the giveaway on the printed piece and include a QR code or URL that takes the consumer to a page where they can redeem the gift or offer.

5 key advantages of using print

  • Print marketing is easily tested
  • Print marketing has a high response rate
  • Print marketing builds trust
  • Print marketing allows you to target your audience
  • People spend more time viewing physical material

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