We’ll find your story and tell it through clear and engaging communications. And we’ll stay on hand as your brand champion.

Brand Identity

In its simplest form, the practice of branding is about creating differentiation – making your product or service stand out from your competitors.

At surgerycreations, we can create a unique identity and set of values to help your company or service make a memorable impression with your customer base. We will position your brand through intelligent thinking that inspires and gets results, and can stay on hand as your brand champion.

Branding services we offer:

  • Brand Identity Creation & Development
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Story Telling / Tone of Voice
  • Brand Guardianship

What’s the difference between brand, branding and brand identity?

It’s easy to feel confused by these three terms but they are quite different:


The meaning and feelings that people / customers attach to your product, service or organisation. A brand can be influenced by others’ perceptions, but not necessarily controlled by you.


The active process of establishing the foundations of the image, identity and perceptions that consumers have about your company through creating and defining your mission, vision, purpose and values. A sign of a successful brand is one with a clear brand strategy as a strong foundation.

Brand Identity

The visual and tangible elements used to identify a brand, such as your logo, key colours, typefaces, and graphic elements. 

What stage is your brand identity at?

With such a huge amount of competition today, businesses need to go the extra mile in ensuring they stand out in a crowd through cohesive and memorable branding. How your brand is perceived affects its success, regardless of whether it’s a start-up, large enterprise, not-for-profit or an established brand that needs to pivot.

New brand

You’re fresh out of the blocks and creating something entirely new. You are really excited about your future and want to make sure that you have the best possible start by locking in place a solid brand and communications position.

Brand refresh

Is your brand looking tired and in need of a revamp? No longer confident that it’s working for you and speaking to the right audience in the right way?. You need help making sure your brand is fit for purpose, reflecting who you are today and in the future.

Campaign brands

You feel like your brand is in a strong place. You have a clear picture of your identity and are happy that how you look and communicate reflects this. That said, you’re launching a new campaign/product or targeting a slightly different audience and need a branding and design agency that can create a fresh approach with your tried-and-tested set of parts.

4 key advantages of creating a strong brand 

  • Increased memorability within the market 
  • Greater appeal and differentiation from the competition
  • Employee engagement and alignment
  • Improved loyalty and customer retention

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