Which is better for your marketing communications.

Digital may dominate today’s world of communications but print design is not dead! Print still provides a valuable way in which to connect with audiences more meaningfully.
Each option offers strong benefits and points to consider and weigh up carefully …

Should you just choose digital?

Digital offers the key advantages of automation and marketing analytics, enabling you to target customers effectively in a highly personalised approach, track behaviour and analyse results. It also enables all manner of exciting possibilities such as videos, QR codes and quick links to relevant content and contact details.
And yet, in today’s world, we are bombarded by email marketing (did you know: the average business person receives 121 emails in their inbox every single day?), search engine marketing, social paid ads, social media marketing etc., etc. … the list goes on. With the increased emphasis on the need for digital detox, it’s therefore little wonder that consumers may tune out due to this overload – which will reduce the impact of a digital marketing campaign.
Another factor to consider is that although production costs may be inexpensive, online channels such as PPC certainly aren’t.
5 key advantages of using digital:

  • Digital marketing has global reach
  • Digital marketing has local visibility through local SEO and targeted ads
  • Digital marketing allows you to analyse customer behaviour and modify campaigns accordingly
  • Digital marketing offers a variety of content types to engage consumers
  • Digital marketing can improve conversion rates with customers only a few clicks away from purchasing.

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Should you just choose print?

Traditional print can be highly engaging and hold consumers’ attention in a focussed way. A beautiful brochure will whisper luxury in a way that a digital ad cannot; the design, photography, and paper stock all add up to a high level of quality as part of an elevated and more intimate experience.
It’s not just all about looks, though: print is not only easier to understand than digital media but also more memorable too, requiring 21% less effort by our brains.
A further advantage if considering print advertising in a magazine or newspaper is that publishers depend on ads for revenue – and, unlike digital, these cannot be blocked out in print. What’s more, print media has been proven to deliver a higher ROI than digital ads.
However, print lead times are certainly longer and it’s hard to target specific consumer audiences with traditional print – although direct mail is measurable, can be tested and holds the opportunity to be read by more than one person in a household. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail averages a 4.4% response rate compared to 0.12% for email.
5 key advantages of using print:

  • Print marketing is easily tested
  • Print marketing has a high response rate
  • Print marketing builds trust
  • Print marketing is ideal for addressing multiple generations
  • People spend more time viewing physical material.

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What’s best for your brand?

Each of these two communications channels has strength in its own right and can even combine to help your campaign go even further. By synergising your digital campaigns with print in unique and engaging ways, you’ll be able to amplify your marketing efforts and see better results.
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